Sunday, 8 March 2015

Acorns and chestnuts

Seeing from the heart of a child
opens old minds to the infinite wild
nature's unfurling destiny
from a cradle of domesticity

There was a spark of recognition as a character revealed itself to me within the creases of the clay.  Something of the spirit of my grandmother felt present. Sweet in nature, forever youthful, singing somewhere over the rainbow.

She sits in her oak rocking chair on my bedside table under the canopy of my Merfolk lampshade.

A burgeoning prayer for peace from a seed held within nut, within husk, within my hand, made by my hand.

Thursday, 9 October 2014

Mother to bee

It would be fair to say that I wandered quite far into the wilderness to discover this piece.

A commissioned piece, the theme of which is 'Bumblebee'.
Sculpted in polymer clay, painted in acrylic, complete with vibrating bees and housed within a 8''x8'' box frame.

Tuesday, 24 June 2014

Mythic burgeonings..


To bring you a bit more up to date with my meanderings, I can reveal in monochrome that....

I viewed life from within a nutshell..... 

Looked straight into the eye of the Minotaur.....

Ventured to illuminate hollow ground...

And pondered the intricacies of love...

After an abundance of rain there came an abundance of bluebells this May, how generous nature is. There also came much needed tonic of visitors who coaxed me from my festering nutshell and went out to revel in the beauty of the land in which I have the privilage to reside in.

Following the bluebells that were following us...

and found my own nook amongst all the crannies in Wistman's wood...

But even after passing the prancing pony...

and the three wise sheep...

I still needed to get my bearings...

Luckily I managed to find our way home..

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Tuesday, 4 February 2014

Cornish wonders.

   Last week I went on a Cornish adventure, visiting the coves and harbours that tickle this tiny foot of old England. I took with me my copy of 'The secret History of Mermaids’ an illustrated guide to the wonders of oceanic folklore, compiled by the respected Professor, Ari Berk. On my travels I was hoping to meet a Cornish Merrymaid or two or hear the call of the Mermaid of Zennor or discover some Atlantean treasures in a smuggler's cave. These remained elusive to me on this occasion except for one evening, whilst dining in a seafood restaurant,  I was disturbed to see that on the menu "Hagfish" was the "catch of the day".  I refrained from ordering it as it bared a striking resemblance to my grandmother, god rest her lemon sole. 

Here are a few of my depictions of Merfolk, some of which feature in the book.

There were some quite dramatic seascapes in Cornwall too

The very spot where a fisherman witnessed an apparition of Archangel St. Micheal, on his mount, over 500 hundred years ago. Not too hard to believe really..

Thursday, 5 December 2013

The Womb Healer

'The Womb Healer ' a recent drawing inspired by personal as well as a collective female experience.
Prints of this are available here

An unusual moorland scene, depending on where you are standing. Viewed as a portrait, the scene is demystified even more. The original is for sale here

 An encounter with the divine feminine. The original is available to buy here

Sunday, 27 October 2013

There's a storm a comin..

 On this eve, a storm of great wrath is predicted to bully its way through the streets of my homeland, flicking tiles off the roofs and breaking limbs off of trees.  Expecting the worse, we residents prepare to batten down our hatches and brace ourselves for a night of nature's fury, with torches and candles to hand in case it decides we don't deserve the luxury of electricity. Fortunately, myself and other human land dwellers are housed within thick granite walls, but spare a thought for this young dryad, naked and vulnerable with nothing but her skeletal branches to shield her from the elements...

  Not only did she have to bend and contort her wire skeleton and polymer clay flesh as protection, but it was also a necessary act for fitting in my oven. It is little wonder I suppose, that she looks so anxious! 

When I can decide which angle is best, I will soon have prints of her available in my Etsy shop. But for now, why not have a look at other prints available there

Stay warm and safe on this tempestuous night!